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Photo - Commercial ducted air conditioning systemsAt Omni Air Pty Ltd we are equipped to handle any commercial project, from splits and ducted units in a new development, to VRV or shell and tube systems on larger industrial jobs. We are in business to support your business – maintain your operational capability, protect your assets and maximise your comfort. We work with a range of commercial clients to provide Quality workmanship, installation and servicing improves performance, extends the lifespan of systems and keeps running costs lower.

So when you think of commercial air conditioning, whether you need a small split system or an industrial solution, remember our business is designing, installing and servicing high quality air conditioning systems and we put quality and service first.

Our Point of Difference

All of our key staff have extensive experience on large building sites and also in industrial maintenance. Our experienced and qualified technicians know our systems intimately and coupled with our fast response times, enables us to complete projects and maintenance works effectively and efficiently, adding value to the project..

Omni Air Pty Ltd can respond to any commercial requirements with engineered solutions and comprehensive design documentation, installed and serviced by experienced, trained technicians. From concept to commissioning you can be assured our team will deliver on our promise of quality.

Whether it is multi storey developments or facilities with specialist requirements, our engineers design systems to perform at peak efficiency throughout their lifetime.

At Omni Air Pty Ltd quality stands for a number of things. It represents:

  • workmanship that ensures systems always run at optimal performance
  • design and installation generating fit for purpose systems tailored to the specific needs of different buildings.

Our strong commitment to value engineering delivers an optimal cost outcome for clients without compromising on quality.

As one of the top commercial air conditioning installation and maintenance service providers, our highly trained professionals deliver services across the region and surrounding areas. Every one of our customers receives individualised, highly competent services at an amazing price from us.

Our air con specialisation includes the commercial air conditioning installation, after-sales repair, and maintenance of portable and installed air conditioning equipment in the market. At Omni Air, we also provide a complete inspection and survey to ensure that you get the best possible service every time.

When it comes to regular aircon servicing and maintenance, including emergency repairs, we pledge to provide excellent value for your money. All our specialists are qualified professionals with years of industry expertise in providing excellent commercial air conditioning service. They will handle your home with the same care and accuracy that they would treat their own.

We Provide Commercial Air Con Installation & Maintenance at the Lowest Prices

Omni Air commercial air conditioning repair and maintenance technicians provide service across the region. We are committed to providing you with a timely, cost-effective, and high-quality service to save you valuable time and effort. Here’s what we cover in our commercial air conditioning services to assist you to prevent any unwanted and late repairs or breakdowns:

  • Replacement of the air filter, condenser coils and evaporator unit should be cleaned.
  • The drain line should be inspected and cleaned as needed.
  • Maintenance on the condenser fans and blower.
  • Basic commercial air conditioning controls and electrical wiring are inspected.
  • The thermostat should be thoroughly examined to ensure that it is operating properly.

Our Commitment to You & Your Order

As a competent and qualified commercial air conditioning repair and maintenance firm, we offer thorough, effective, and efficient management of all your systems. We have a specialised staff that is experienced in providing services. Regular maintenance of your air conditioning unit ensures the following benefits:

  • Equipment with a longer life lifetime
  • Maintenance expenditures have been drastically reduced.
  • Ensure that warranties are honored, and claims are submitted at the appropriate time

For any of your commercial air conditioning servicing needs, please contact Omni Air on 0407104205, and we would be pleased to serve you.